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2015 Match Reports

				    			 All Britain Shield
Quarter Final
Venue: Paric na hEireann, Birmingham
Sunday 1st November 2015 
 				   	Yorkshire Emeralds 4-06 	     Roger Casements 1-07
The Emeralds made their way to Birmingham for the quarter final of the All Britain Shield. This was our first game in 4 months and it showed in the first 15 minutes of the game. During this time Roger Casements dominated play by being first to nearly every ball and they displayed a greater first touch. The Emeralds defenders were under constant pressure and but for some stoic defending from Dave O Mahony at full back Casements would surely have had a couple of early goals on the board. By the time Emeralds got their first point from Colm Phelan we had conceded a goal and 3 points. The last 10 minutes of the second half was a different story as the Emeralds players began to get a foothold in the game. This allowed us to finish the half strongly with a goal from Henry Foster and a point from Colum McArdle to leave the score at half time 1-6 to 1-2 in favour of Roger Casements.
 Not for the first time this season the Emeralds started the second half at a much higher tempo. Within 2 minutes we had taken the lead thanks to a sublime goal from Colm Phelan who deftly flicked the ball over the onrushing keeper. This was followed by a couple of points from play from the stick of Paul Cremin and Henry Foster. Our tails were up and heroic work from the half back line and midfield, in particular Ray O Driscoll and Colum McArdle, meant Casements were not able to get any ball into their inside forwards. The Emeralds we now completely dominant everywhere except the scoreboard. Two more points followed from Tom Kennedy and a free from Henry Foster as we began to put some daylight between ourselves and Casements. Midway through the second half Tom Kennedy pounced like a tiger on the goal keepers error to bat the ball to the net. Shortly after our scoring was completed when the industrious John Aherne was in the right place to connect with a ball that flashed across the square. In truth the Emeralds should have won by much more as we accumulated a total of 12 wides from play. On another day this could well have cost us the match but it wasn't the case today as we marched onto the semi final where we are just 60 minutes of hurling away from an All Britain final.

Yorkshire Emeralds team

1. Tom Kennedy (Kilkenny)

2.John McGowan (Longford) 3. Dave O Mahony (Cork)  4. Oscar O Dwyer (Tipperary)

5. Brian Harold (Limerick6. Ray O Driscoll (Cork) 7. Nicky Flanagan (Cork)

8. Henry Foster (Limerick) 9. Colum McArdle (Armagh)            

10. John Aherne (Waterford) 11. Paul Cremin (Cork) 12. Ryan Duffy (Donegal)

			13. PJ Conway (Galway) 14. Colm Phelan (Kilkenny) 15. Dave Kane (Antrim)
Round 4
Venue: Derby
Thursday 2nd July 2015 
 Yorkshire Emeralds 2-12	St Barnabas 1-22
On a Thursday evening we made our way to Derby for the 4th Round of the All Britain Shield.  In greasy conditions the ball was difficult to control but despite this we were able to get some early scores through Djemba and PJ Conway. Barnabas had a strong team out and were able to score some long range points. Our backs were playing brilliantly but they were under constant pressure throughout the first half and this eventually told on the scoreboard as they began to score some well worked points from play.
With some tactical switches at half time the Emeralds were able to chip away at Barnabas' lead and mid way through the second half we drew level. Barnabas had a strong bench and their substitutes were able to get past a tired Emeralds defence for their only goal of the game. We played to the final whistle but ultimately Barnabas had too much firepower upfront and that was the difference on the day.

Yorkshire Emeralds team

1. Henry Foster (Limerick)

2.Seamus Duignan (Meath) (C)   4. Oscar O Dwyer (Tipperary)

5. Dave O Mahony (Cork) 6. Ray O Driscoll (Cork) 7. Nicky Flanagan (Cork)

8. Anthony Murphy (Mayo) 9. Eoin Murray (Meath)            

10. John Aherne (Waterford) 11. Djemba (Tipperary) 12. Garry Kernan (Armagh)

13. PJ Conway (Galway) 14. Liam Muldoon (Antrim)  
All Britain Shield
Round 3
Venue: Scotthall Road, Leeds 
Saturday 20th June 2015 
 Yorkshire Emeralds 3-08	Wolfe Tones 3-13
Having suffered a loss the previous week and with a number of players available to play we were keen to put in a winning performance. We started well with Colum McArdle and Eoin Murray winning the early exchanges in midfield. This allowed us to get some good supply into our inside forwards but a lack of clinical finishing meant our early dominance wasn't reflected on the scoreboard. As the Wolfe Tones got a foothold into the game they began to use their greater physicality and speed to good effect. This meant they went in at the break up b 4 points.
In a blistering start to the second half we scored a goal from John Aherne and a point to level the game. It was a this point that Wolfe Tones upped the intensity and with a couple of goals of their own we soon found ourselves trailing by 9 points with 10 minutes remaining. A long ball into the square was collected by Colm Phelan and was finished to the net. This was instantly followed by another goal from Henry Foster following a superb run and lay off by Colum McArdle and all of a sudden we were back in the game and we had the Tones on the ropes. Unfortunately it all went pear shaped as injuries to Henry (hamstring) and Colm (dislocated shoulder) meant we became disorganised and lost any momentum. We also had 2 players sent off in the final few minutes and all of this combined meant Wolfe Tones were able to tag a few more points and we were yet again left to wonder what could have been. 
 Yorkshire Emeralds team

1. Declan Leahy (Tipperary)

2.Ray O Driscoll (Cork) (C)   4. Oscar O Dwyer (Tipperary)

John McGowan (Longford) 6. Dave O Mahony (Cork) 7. Nicky Flanagan (Cork)

8. Colum McArdle (Armagh) 9. Eoin Murray (Meath)            

10. Sam Ferguson (Isle of Man) 11. Henry Foster (Limerick) 12. Ryan Duffy (Donegal)

13. John Aherne (Waterford) 15. Colm Phelan (Kilkenny) 
 All Britain Shield
Round 2
Venue: Edrington, Birmingham 
Saturday 13th June 2015 
 Yorkshire Emeralds 4-05	Erin go Bragh 1-16
We travelled to Birmingham with the minimum 11 players needed to fulfill this fixture. Although the team was much weakened we put up strong resistance to a well drilled Erin go Bragh outfit. We made  a bright start with 2 early goals from Henry Foster, however EGB'S running game allowed them to score a number of points from play. This meant they went in at the break 5 points to the good. 
We came out with renewed energy in the second half and the momentum seemed to swing in our favour as Ryan Duffy made a lung busting run from midfield to score our third goal which was followed by Henry completing his hat trick. As the game entered the final 10 minutes we drew level through a sublime point from the stick of John Aherne way out on the sideline. It was, however, EGB who finished the stronger with a couple of points as the Emeralds were left to rue some missed opportunities on a day when everything seemed stacked against them.

Yorkshire Emeralds team

1. Declan Leahy (Tipperary)

2.Seamus Duignan (Meath) (C)   4. Oscar O Dwyer (Tipperary)

5. Ray O Driscoll (Cork) 7. Colum McArdle (Armagh)

8. Ryan Duffy (Donegal) 9. Sam Ferguson (Isle of Man)            

10. Garry Kernan (Armagh) 12. John Aherne (Waterford)

13. Colm Phelan (Kilkenny)  15. Henry Foster (Limerick)
All Britain Shield
First Round
Venue: Nottingham 
Date: Saturday 11th April 2015
Yorkshire Emeralds (Yorkshire) 1-15  Roger Casements (Coventry) 1-10
And the game was set for 11 a side in Nottingham with a blue sky and a drift of wind.

In the first half Roger Casements had the wind on their side, which resulted in a lot of ball landing on the Emeralds backline. The Emeralds defence was fortified as Roger Casements pulled a man back for support on their half. This was orchestrated by a strong centre with Henry, Colum. With a good strong defence in Seamus, Oscar, Nicky and Ray, the Emeralds worked out to control a lot of space in their half. It seemed like a lot of points and attacks were going for the Roger Casements, but no goals were conceived. The Emeralds took their chances at the points and with a cracking goal from Henry Foster Emeralds finished the half leading by a point.

In the second half, the game steamed up as both teams knew there was a fighting chance at winning the game. It took a few extra wides, but the Emeralds pushed harder first and they gained ground early, this was the start of a continuous flow with more points going over the bar. In the later end of the second half, Roger Casements had more attempts at goals, with Declan Leahy true to form saving the day and denying a screamer of a strike from Casements. Unfortunately, the continuous attack gave Roger Casements their opportunity, and a goal brought the teams to a close score. Roger Casements could have perhaps taken the lead when they gained an attempt at goal with a penalty. However, a close call hitting the top bar denied it, this was quickly recovered with a relentless performance from the backline pushing the ball back into the Casements half. The battle continued with a few more points and two successive rebounds off of the Casements goalposts by the Emeralds giving them a well deserved victory. 


Yorkshire Emeralds team

1. Declan Leahy (Tipperary)

2.Seamus Duignan (Meath) (C)   4. Oscar O Dwyer (Tipperary)

5. Ray O Driscoll (Cork) 7. Nicky Flanagan (Cork)

8. Henry Foster (Limerick) 9. Colum McArdle (Armagh)             

10. Sam Ferguson (Isle of Man) 12. John Aherne (Waterford)

13. Colm Phelan (Kilkenny) 15. Anthony Murphy (Mayo) 

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